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Full Movie is a camera, grip and accessories rental service based in Florence, Italy, fulfilling all your video production needs, working in the cinematographic, advertising, television, documentary and music video sectors.

Full Movie was conceived through the coming together of three film set technicians, Giulio Aspettati, Lucas Berisso and David Lisi, together with the collaboration of Bologna’s Movieland, with over thirty years of experience in the field.

We offer you the passion and professional competence of trained and experienced technicians towards the optimal realization of your vision and production needs.

We provide a film and photo set conceived towards commercial and independent video productions, in order to respond in a proactive and time-efficient manner to all of your video needs.We follow through in supporting the technical aspects of your project and supporting you in the successful production of the distinct phases of the process.

We offer our services as consultants, helping in the creation of a list of materials, providing film equipment and accompanying you on-set by providing the technical support needed towards completion. All our work is to guarantee the ideal solution for your project, by adhering to the goals, standards and challenges we set together.

“An ant by itself is a small inconspicuous point. But one hundred ants together can move a mountain, one rock at a time.”

Sette punti neri – Short story collection by Cristiana Ruschi Del Punta and various authors


Un teatro di posa predisposto per ospitare commercial, videoclip, produzioni cinematografiche e scattare per servizi di moda, food, still life, editoriali, arredamento.



Offriamo servizi relativi al comparto scenotecnico e artistico. Realizzare scenografie e arredi per set cinematografici e fotografici sia per il teatro che per location esterne.



Offriamo la nostra consulenza, vi aiutiamo a predisporre la giusta lista materiali, noleggiamo l’attrezzatura tecnica e vi accompagniamo sul set nella gestione della strumentazione.



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