The Full Movie Studio is perfectly equipped for the shooting of commercials, music videos, cinematographic productions and for videoclips servicing the fashion, food, editorial, interior design, still life and e-commerce industries. The space is also geared as a rentable set for fashion shows, events and presentations.

The dimensions of the space are 14m x 13m and 5 meters tall. The infinity wall CYC is 13m x 5m with a height of 4,8m with two trusses.
The set is air conditioned and the electric system is autonomous sustaining 50 Kw, with the possibility of renting additional systems on demand. The rent of the set includes a client area, free parking in front, changing rooms, bathroom with showers, and access to high speed internet.
Full Movie also provides pneumatic and manual chucks, extensions, stabilizing camera sliders, and a wide range of accessories (clamps, backdrops, polyesthers, etc.)
The private parking garage is easily accessible by heavy motor vehicles enabling docking and unloading with an access gate to the theatre of 4,7m x 5m in height.

Full Movie technical personnel is also available towards the successful execution of any type of production, specifically in relation to cameramen, electricians, handlers, production, direction, set design, costumes/make up design, and sound technicians.

Location: Studio set of 182 square meters with Infinity Wall CYC
Dimensions: 14m x 13m, h 5m
CYC Dimensions: 13m x 5m, height 4,8m
Electric Capacity: 50kw

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+39 055 8811110

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