Full Movie photoshoot production studio for hire in Florence: where we will meet all your production needs

Based in Florence, Full Movie offers a vast array of equipment, from photography to video and cinema. Full Movie also provides a wide variety of services, which are individually tailored to support your creative vision in photography, advertisement, fashion, video productions and much more. We provide for your logistical needs so you can focus on your artistic expression.

Full Movie studio is versatile and functional with a high degree of flexibility.

One of the distinctive features of Full Movie is our fully equipped and highly versatile studio space.

The shooting area measures 14 m x 13 m with a height of 5 m. The studio was built by Full Movie crew to host commercials, photo and video shoots. Because of the thoughtful design of our studio, we offer a fully customizable and adaptable space, which can be modified to accommodate any kind of project.

Full Movie crew ensures that everyone behind and in front of the camera benefits from the studio space in the most optimal and efficient way. This includes the ability to change layouts, lighting and backgrounds, providing producers and photographers the opportunity to actualize several different projects in the same space.

Full Movie Studio Service:
Why choose us?


Advanced Equipment

High performing and innovative equipment are at the heart of Full Movie Studio services.
This includes the latest in professional lighting technology, as well a wide selection of equipment from medium format to latest cinema cameras. Full Movie ensure a professional, streamlined workflow to achieve high levels of excellence in your production.


Lighting Control

Complete regulation and command of the lighting is one of the most significant advantages of the Full Movie studio. The studio offers spaces which are equipped to create any desired atmosphere. The need for natural, artistic or technical lighting can be easily addressed with masterful results.


Professional support and many additional services

Full Movie is more than just a photography studio and rental house, offering a wide panorama of services for productions and shooting which include: production services, post-production, and technical assistance. Full Movie can provide crew members in any field of production: Gaffer, Grips, Photo Assistant, make-up, hair, prop-master, scenographer, production assistant, camera operator, catering, location manager, assistant director, or editors. Full Movie helps clients concentrate all their energy in the creative process, by removing the stress of the technical aspects of production in order to support the most successful execution of their projects.


Air-conditioning System and Electrical Power

Full Movie offers a 50 kw basic electrical system, with the capacity for improvement with in-house power generators.


Easily Accessible in Florence

Based in the northern area of Florence, Full Movie studio offers a unique, striking and prime location for your production. Easy to reach and well connected, Full Movie has immediate access to Italy’s main highway, directly linking Naples, Rome, Florence, and Milan.

If you are looking for a studio to hire in Florence, choose Full Movie: a space for your ideas to become reality

Visit the Full Movie website to discover all the services we provide, receive an estimate and reserve the studio. Choose Full Movie to bring your creative vision to life. Thanks to our fully equipped studio in Florence, any limitations are removed and you will find the freedom to express your innovative talent and imagination within a space that will serve to amplify your ideas. Full Movie is the studio where any project has the opportunity to achieve professional recognition.

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